Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Post!

Good Afternoon -

This blog is beginning as an assignment in "Social Media Involvement" as determined by a graduate marketing class I recently completed. We are about half way through of the last term of an MBA program so most (actually all) quilting has taken a back seat to reading text books and writing case analysis'. That being said, I have been thinking of all the quilts I would like to both complete and begin once this term is over. Having just finished a graduate class in Social Media and Internet Marketing, and moving on to the last term of an MBA, I will continue to read blogs for future inspiration. A few of the blogs I follow are listed here - they belong to fabulously talented individuals. Please visit them to see their wonderful work.

Although I have been unable to attend meetings regularly over the past two years, I do belong to a quilt guild here in R.I. The guild, NBQA ,  is currently planning their bi-annual quilt show. Guild members participate in a small quilt auction to benefit the New England Quilt Museum.  I would like to finish this little quilt for the show. If you are in R.I., please come and visit the show. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for finding me and I hope to continue with this blog - if and when school allows.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog. I see you know of Bonnie at Quiltville - she does fun stuff. I love your profile pic! Maybe we'll meet someday, being fellow Rhode Islanders.

    1. As soon as school is over, I would like to get back to RYCO and to the RIMQG meetings. Perhaps I'll make it this summer!