Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beach Beauty and Mile-A-Minute Quilts in Process

Beach Beauty, # 3 of the list of unfinished projects,  has now been quilted. 

But there are issues. 
Along with a large pleat on the front, and this on the back, 
there is still a ways to go.

On the design wall is the Mile-A-Minute Quilt, #13 of the list. 

 Still working on the placement of these 6 inch squares. 

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Watercolor Color Charts

For my sister . . . no more pears for now.
Just playing with the watercolors to understand the color mixing.
More to come . . .

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Purple Spider Web Baby Quilt

The Purple Spider Web is now completed, 
which is #5 from the list of Unfinished Projects.

Pattern is Spider Web.
Quilting is a large meander with variegated thread.
Size is 32 inches square. 
Started March 2013 at a quilters retreat. 
Completed July 2015. 

Now it just needs a label and then, someday, to find a good home . . . 


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Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Finish-Along - 3rd Quarter

Here is the list of Unfinished Projects for the 3rd quarter of 2015. Although the list seems to be the same, there has been some progress. 

 1. Baltimore Beauty - Felted Wool - with temps in the 90's, this project has been packed away until fall.

   2. The Colors of Sweet Peas - blocks are completed and ready for the lay-out. 
 3. Beach Beauty - Top is complete and ready for the mid-arm.

4. Tumbler Charity Quilt - Border needed.

5.  Spider Web - Almost finished. One side left of the binding.
6. English Christmas - No additional progress.

7. Butterfly Beauty - No additional progress.

8. Baby Tumbler Charity Quilt - Top is complete and ready for the mid-arm.

   9. Cardinal Wall Hanging - No additional progress

 10.Hunter Star - No additional progress.
11. Stars and Apples - No additional progress.
12. French String - No additional progress.

 13. Lone Star Dreams in Red - Progress has been made and so has a decision. The strips were cut so long ago and not very accurately. The sewing was started and the decision was made that the finished project, although possible, would be very tedious and not at all fun. So, as this was a quilt destined for me, it is now officially off the list of potential finishes. The strips will be cut down for the scrap bins.
13. Green to Yellow, Mile-A-Minute - No additional progress.

 14. Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery 
"Grand Illusion" - Top is complete and ready for the mid-arm.

15. Kaffe Fassett's "Facet" - Top is complete and ready for the mid-arm.
 16. Grandmother's Flower Garden - Top is complete but still unsure if the quilting will be done by hand or machine.

 17. Narragansett Bay Quilters - Block of the Month. Still in bits and pieces.

18. Bonnie Hunter's Narragansett Blues - New to the list and still in bits and pieces. . .
This started as a "leader / ender" project but has since taken over the sewing machine.

19. Sailboat - just found!
Not sure how this will be finished but at least it has made it to the UFO list!

Linking up with the 3rd Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along,
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2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Placemats . . .

Two more placemats have been completed for the local Meals on Wheels. 


I tried to use a decorative stitch on this one. I ended up with large puckers on a couple of rows that had to subsequently be removed. I continued with a stitch in the ditch to get the overall placemat to lie flat. 

That brings my total to five right now. They measure approximately 13.5 X 18.5 inches.

And, although not fiber, I have been wanting to get back into painting. I finished a watercolor sketch of a pear following in the style of Anna Mason. Although it looks nothing like the video project on Watercolors with Wow, on its own, it's not a bad first try.