Friday, February 6, 2015

Double Irish Chain

This Double Irish was originally made in the 1990's as a gift for my parents. As one of the first quilts I made, I had no idea about quilting or binding. I also did not know about chain piecing. The quilt was sewn right sides together and flipped right side out. I started to tie the three layers together but did not finish in time to be gifted. I figured I would always have time to finish tying it after presenting it to them -- but for some reason, I never did get back to this quilt.

This quilt did see a lot of use and as such, it was destined to be washed - and dried. And of course, without the batting tied down, it shifted and made a horrible mess. it was placed in a bag and put away for years. I finally took the layers apart, cut out the balled up batting and quilted a large meandering pattern around the quilt. The binding is completed, the label is added, and the quilt has been given back to my dad. This makes the third quilt I have given him. The first two are still in boxes and are "too good to be used."

This one, I can finally say, is being used!!

Begun in the 1990's -- finally finished in 2015.

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