Sunday, April 10, 2022

Drawing the Quilt First

Here are the first thoughts, drawn out and made into quilts.

This nine patch has been completed and gifted to take the place of one of the first quilts I made for my sister in the early 1990's. The original was made with a high loft batting and was tied, not quilted. (2.5 inch squares unfinished)

Leader and ender throughout the health emergency. The top is finally completed. When it is quilted, it will forever be known as my COVID Quilt. (1.5 inch squares unfinished)

Recently started as a Leader and Ender project, this top was finished quickly as the squares are 4.5 inch unfinished. 

Linking up with Soscrappy.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

SVdP Quilt Raffle and Christmas Gift

This is the second year the St Vincent de Paul, Superbowl Bake Sale and Quilt Raffle has been canceled due to COVID 19. perhaps we will be able to plan for it once the numbers start to come down. At least the quilt is all ready - just needs a label.

Here I am holding my sister's newest quilt - gifted for Christmas 2021. This is a simple, scrappy nine patch, made to replace the nine patch I made for her sometime in the 1980's.

Photo shoot was at Conimicut Point in Warwick.


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Latest Scrappy Project

Here is the latest project that is being finished up. Blocks were made more than ten years ago at a quilting retreat. I have finally decided on a layout and a dark green batik for the shashing. Rows one and nine are together. Just seven more rows to sew.

The above picture is how it is placed on the design wall, but I think I like it rotated with the yellow up above the green..... 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Gathering of Pub Mats

Happy Father's Day to Dad!

Dads collection of pub mats have been sewn together into a quilt. Quite a surprise for him. It brings back so many memories of all his visits to England, Wales, and Scotland. 

The mats totaled 35 for this layout. They are made of heavy cotton toweling. They have been individually sewn to quilt cotton, then sewn together. There is no batting. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

English Paper Piecing

The Grandmother's Flower Garden is finally quilted. I was able rent the long arm quilter, Avante, at RYCO. Four and a half hours with the wonderfully kind and patient instructor, Kim! What a great place to visit, shop, and quilt!

77 inches x 111 inches
Quilters Dream Poly batting
(King size 122 x 120)
Aurifil thread - black

Friday, January 22, 2021

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread with Crumb Topping Recipe

This is a quick bread recipe that does not use yeast. It was created using multiple recipes, based on the ingredients I have on hand, including Pamela's Baking & Pancake gluten free mix. I combined the recipes and the results came out very good, indeed. The recipe is quick and easy and the bread comes out nice and moist! You won't be able to tell this is a gluten free product. 
I thought I would share and save this recipe here to avoid the need to recreate the measurements for next time. If you make this bread, enjoy!

 Pumpkin Bread – Gluten Free

Pumpkin Bread and Tea

Pumpkin Bread Ingredients and directions:

4 Tablespoons melted salted butter
½ cup white sugar
2 large eggs
1 cup canned pumpkin
1 ¾ cups Pamela’s Baking & Pancake mix
1 - 2 teaspoons Pumpkin Pie spice

Preheat oven to 350°

Beat together sugar, eggs and pumpkin. Slowly incorporate melted butter, beating until smooth. Add baking mix and spice. Beat until smooth. Pour into 8” x 4” loaf pan, prepared with nonstick spray.

Add crumble topping - see below.

Crumb Topping

1/2 cup Pamela's Pancake and Baking mix
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1/8 cup white sugar
1/4 cup light brown sugar
        3 - 4 Tablespoons salted butter, softened
Mix together first four ingredients, with whisk or fork. Add softened butter and mix until texture appears as small crumbs.

Top the pumpkin bread batter with this crumb mixture. With the back of a spatula, press down on the crumb topping to help it set into the batter top. This will help set the topping so it will remain on the bread after it is baked, and not just fall off the bread when sliced.

Bake for 50 – 60 minutes* at 350°, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the loaf comes out clean. Remove from loaf pan and let cool on a wire rack. 
* note - I checked the bread with a toothpick at 50 minutes, then baked an additional 5 minutes for a total of 55 minutes.